What are some inexpensive projects for kids?

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I recently decorated a home in the Colorado Springs' Parade of Homes. It was the first year that low-income properties were allowed to showcase in the event, and I wanted to decorate the home with low-cost solutions that any family could afford. The kid's room was my absolute favorite. We received so many positive comments about the inexpensive projects for organizing kids. I'm sharing two with you here that will make your life a whole bunch easier for less than $20.

Project 1: Buckets O' Fun

How many of us have tried and failed to get our little ones to clean up their rooms? Organizing kids is about as fun as getting your tires rotated and it doesn't come with free coffee and magazines from five years ago ("I didn't know we mapped the genome!") The best way to encourage participation is to make sure your kids are invested in the project. The first step in this project is easy, and you get to go on a field trip: head on over to Home Depot to buy three, four or five "Homers." The "Homer" is a bright, orange five-gallon bucket that sells for $2.54.

Now, the fun starts. Have your kids help you decorate the outside of the buckets. You can use markers, old wallpaper, construction paper and glue, whatever you come up with. Label the buckets: laundry, toys, games, shoes, etc. The great thing about the buckets is the handles. It's easy to ask Little Miss Thang or Little Mister Sticky Hands to bring his laundry to the laundry room because they can carry their bucket quite easily. It's a great way to work together and start the little ones on their way to helping with chores. And, of course, it looks cute, too.

Project 2: Cute "Whiteboard"

This is a quick, easy, no-nonsense way to make a cute "whiteboard" for writing family announcements, chores, etc. Simply go to the thrift store, buy a cute, fun or funky picture frame that has the glass and put it up on the wall, then buy a dry erase marker and Velcro adhesive strips and attach the marker to the glass. If your child is younger, you may want to get a frame with plexi-glass instead of glass to protect them from possible breakage. If you find the that picture hanger is a little to jiggly and makes it difficult to write on the glass, you can remove the hanger and using some of those new-fangled wall adhesive strips to hang it flat on the wall.

These projects for organizing your kid's room are inexpensive, quick, easy and fun. They are also safe and easy to do with your kids, so you can easily include them in the process. If your little one helps to pick out the picture frame, they will be more likely to be interested in what you write. If they decorate their buckets, they will be more likely to look at the buckets, and putting items into them with fondness, instead of the wariness that usually greets organization efforts. Give these simple projects for organizing kids a try for next to nothing and enjoy the results!

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