What are some ways I can live frugally at home?

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In today¬’s economy, money can be very tight and it can be extremely difficult to scrap enough money to get by. By finding ways to save money and live frugally at home in these desperate times, it can actually be possible to have a better lifestyle without the need to earn more.

Saving money is the most important skill to learn. As the old saying goes: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Start by making two lists of items: One list for everything that is necessary to you and the other consisting of items that you want. Whenever you go shopping, bring this list and remind yourself what you really need and what you really don’t need. For example, instead of buying boxes of fattening cookies, it might be smarter to buy a pack of nutritious eggs that will be more filling and last much longer. Be sure to shop at many different places to search for the cheapest deals. Also look for offers, discounts, or coupons for what you need. Sometimes, stores offer cheaper items than their equivalents because it is the store’s own brand. You can also buy items in bulk at wholesale stores because they often offer the lowest per-unit costs.

Aside from saving money through not buying unnecessary goods, there are also ways to decrease monthly costs. By lowering the thermostat, you can save a lot of money that would have been wasted on heating. Similarly, using energy-saving fluorescent instead of incandescent light bulbs can save both increases both durability and efficiency of electricity. Turn off the lights, outlets, or faucets that you are not using to save even more of your electric bill. Instead of using the air conditioner or an electric heater to cool or heat your house respectively, open up a few windows or wear more layers. Use water-efficient shower-heads and lean toward showers instead of baths; baths are the primary suspect for high water bills. Through living a less wasteful lifestyle, you can reduce a percentage of your bills leaving you with more money for other things.

Of course, just saving money sometimes would not be enough; extra spending money can relieve some of the financial burden. There are many ways to earn some money online with some efforts. There are several websites where you can tutor students online as an independent contractor. If you are a superb writer, you can start a blog and monetize it by putting ads on it. You can also write technical articles for content mills where the sites pay you for each approved article you submit. Some other options are mystery shopping and doing surveys online. Mystery shopping rewards you for going to designated shopping areas and reviewing their products and the shopping experience. Survey sites give you money for viewing video advertisements, completing offers, and filling surveys. Although the earnings are tiny, doing this consistently adds up for the month. All together, these earnings can help subsidize some of the costs of living.

A better lifestyle can mean many things for many people, but the key ideas are: Save money, live frugally at home, and gain extra income. By following these tips, you will be able to live your life much more effectively and frugally.

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