What is a minimalist and how do I live a minimalistic lifestyle?

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The minimalist lifestyle is one that is free from clutter and everyday distractions, complications and confusion. The minimalist takes life and streamlines it to be as simple and efficient as possible. In a world where people have not grasped the concept of “less is more,” a minimalist lifestyle may seem ridiculous and unnecessary. To those who are living the simple life however, it is a newfound freedom that allows one to find enjoyment and beauty in every aspect of reality.

Minimalism is more of a process of living than a destination in life. It is something that must continually be worked on in order to maintain an uncomplicated, clutter-free existence and live a minimalistic lifestyle. Because the vast majority of the world seems to believe that wealth and happiness is attained with material possessions, there are constantly a number of influences that will complicate things for the person trying to live a minimalistic lifestyle.

For many, living a minimalistic lifestyle includes quitting their current job and working at home. Minimalism is focused upon experiencing life at its full potential and doing away with all that is unnecessary. When one rids himself of all the extra “junk” and clutter that really is not essential to a happy and fulfilled life, he soon realizes that he wants the time and freedom to enjoy his new life.

The minimalist has discovered that life is much easier and more enjoyable in a world where there are fewer complications with less stress factors involved. Achieving that place in life can prove to be somewhat difficult, however. Following are three suggestions to help get you on the track to freedom and a minimalist lifestyle:

Minimize—The first step to minimalism should be fairly obvious—MINIMIZE! Go through all of your material possessions and “stuff” to get rid of anything that isn’t really necessary. Do you really need three computers? Can you get by with just one vehicle? What about all of those clothes hanging in your closet? This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a few luxuries in life. However, you will find that you can appreciate those luxuries much more with fewer of them lying around to clutter your home.

Rearrange—Once you have decluttered your home and lifestyle, rearrange your possessions to create space. Space is an essential element of the minimalist lifestyle. Without it, clutter will just take over again.

Make a Budget—Since minimalism is all about cutting back on material possessions and clutter, maintaining a budget should not be difficult. However, creating and sticking to a clear budget is essential to maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

People are often drawn to a minimalist lifestyle because they have become tired of the hectic day-to-day stress factors and seemingly unending cycle of constantly striving for more in life. Those who learn to cut out the clutter and enjoy the simple elegance of stress free living often find themselves in better physical and emotional health, less financial burden, and freedom from the anxieties of a demanding world.

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