What are some unique money saving tips?

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There is no denying that the cost of living can be expensive, but that doesn't mean that you have to live your life eating instant ramen. There are many ways where you can shave off some of your expenses and leave a little more in your pocket. You’ve probably been over some of them before, but here are some off the wall money saving tips that you might not have thought of.

     How much do you spend on your shaving supplies? Those four bladed cartridges can add up fast, especially if you happen to be a man with thick facial hair. You wind up going through blades faster than ever, and may end up spending upwards of $20 a month. If you were to switch to using a safety razor, you can buy 100 blades for less than $15. Depending on how fast you go through blades, that could last you for the whole year. Then you have the tub of shaving cream that goes a long way for about the same amount, and when I say that it can go a long way, I'm talking months.

You could argue that the upfront cost of buying a starting kit that ranges between $30-$80 is too much, but you'll be seeing the savings by the end of the year. The following year, even more will be in your pocket. By buying a decent safety razor, you'll not have to buy a new one for years. You're looking at a difference of about $240 a year with your standard razors that are on the market now, to about $40-60 a year with a safety razor.

     Never doubt the power that food holds over your funds. It is the number one thing people lose track of when trying to budget themselves, but it is also one of the easiest places to save money. There are many money saving tips, but one you should definitely consider if you are a busy person on the go is to make your own frozen dinners. A store bought frozen dinner can cost you anywhere between $1-$8, and you can bet that it’s not going to be that great for you nutritionally.

An excellent way to watch your cash and your health is to make your own homemade frozen dinners. You can simply make extra servings when preparing your dinner, then just portion the leftovers into single serving size containers, and into the freezer they go. They typically last months, depending on what ingredients you use. When you’re on your way to work, or just need a quick meal, just pull one out and pop it into the microwave when you are ready to eat. The money saving potential is based on what your normal dinner cost is.

     If you saw someone pushing a shopping cart full of frozen turkeys up to a register in your local grocery store, you would probably look on in shock as they placed each one onto the conveyor belt. Most likely those birds are on sale for a ridiculous amount. Did you know that in some places during the holiday season you can purchase 12 lb frozen turkeys for about $7? If you bought five of them, it would only cost you $35. That is $35 for about 60 lbs of meat! You can put them in a deep freezer when you get home where they can last up to about 2-3 years.

Just buy enough to have every other month, or to use as emergency food rations when your budget gets tight. If you're a household of just two, one turkey could feed you for a week if you plan right. Use them by the next year's holiday season, then rinse and repeat. You can do this with many things that are sold insanely cheap around different holidays. If you find something that is too much of a steal to pass up, do a quick Internet search to see if you can freeze or store it and for how long. If all looks good, then you've got yourself something that may cut your costs for the rest of the year.

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