How Can I Find the Best Store Sales and Coupons?

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Retail stores frequently have sales and advertise them everywhere. When looking for store sales and coupons, one of the best routes is to go online. The store website will usually advertise their current sale and many offer coupons and different incentives directly on their homepage. If shopping online is preferred, then this really helps because sites will offer online only deals such as free shipping as well as a percentage off.

Stores will often have more sales cycles online than in store and it’s easier to find merchandise as well. If purchasing in store, this is a good way to get ready for a shopping trip by scanning the sites for their current sales and coupons. Most stores also offer email and even mobile subscriptions that will regularly send out sale information and coupon deals. Signing up for newsletters and subscribing to email lists is a good way to get offers and some even offer birthday deals. Facebook and other social media are also good places to check online. Some stores will offer coupons if you ‘like’ their page and also send out updates for current sales.

For other ways to find out about store sales and coupons, checking out retailers during holiday seasons is also a good practice. These are good times to get extra deals and savings. Most people tend to put a lot of emphasis on Black Friday shopping, but this is only good for certain items, which usually come low in quantity. Shopping right at the end or after a season is a good way to get items that will usually be moved to clearance or heavily discounted to make way for new items. This also works if you know when a store receives new merchandise and rotates its stock. Shopping in this manner allows you to get ready for the next year when a season rolls back around.

Mass discount stores don’t usually offer coupons but will sometimes have in season items at a discounted price. These stores include Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls, to name a few. The newspaper is another way to find out about store sales and also to get coupons as well. Some larger stores will advertise in the paper and include a weekly ad with sale information.

Buying secondhand is another way to get great deals. There are many large chains, such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value Village that offer gently used clothing at definite bargain prices. Each of these stores also offers extra discounts during different times or with special merchandise ticket color. These stores offer the best bargain deal if you’re willing to wear used clothing and do some searching! Goodwill and Value Village offer discounts based on ticket color, while Salvation Army has a specific day to discount merchandise.

Other than these major chains, local consignment stores and thrift stores also price merchandise very inexpensively. Some offer extra in store savings, but you’ll have to take a trip to find out. There are many trendy resale shops and shops tailored to certain age groups, such as Once Upon a Child for children, or Plato’s Closet for teens. You can look locally for these stores, as there are usually a few thrift stores in most urban neighborhoods. Searching online is another tool to find these stores. With these stores you never know what great deals you’ll find and most try to sell items in season.

Whatever your style or store preference, you can find a bargain if you’re willing to put in a little time and do some research before heading out to shop. When you don’t deal hunt, you can end up buying things and then finding later that you could have saved a bundle had you taken the time to get information on the store sales and coupons. It may seem daunting, but really it’s simple and can save you money, which is the whole point of looking for a bargain!

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