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Finding Bargain Shopping.

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We all have seen them; the Dollar Store. What some people do not or cannot understand is what values lie hidden in them. So someone said to me “What can you get in a Dollar store that is any good?” I thought to myself you really have no idea what you are missing do you?

I pulled out my makeup case and opened it and said “take a look and pull out the one thing you think cost the most.” She looked around a bit and pulled out a sleek smooth red lipstick and handed it to me. I looked at her and said “ONE dollar at Dollar Tree”

See the beauty of a Dollar store is that EVERYTHING is a dollar. I get all of my shampoo and conditioner at the dollar store. You go to Walmart or any other store its almost $2 for a bottle or shampoo or conditioner, I can get a bottle of EACH for the price you pay for ONE! That is my best way to save money. I purchase my makeup and nail polish there also. I love scented soap, body wash and body sprays, I get them for a dollar. I get socks, sippy cups, spoons and forks for my Grandson at the Dollar store and since we always need them it's a great way to save some money.

I get my holiday and household decorations there as well. Kitchen decor dish cloths and dish towels, plate cups and wine glasses! Let’s do the math: Salad plate, dinner plate, water glass and wine glass that is a table placement for one person. That is only $4 per set so if you need for settings its only $18! You can make a wonderful center piece for under $5 from there too. I get a decorative bowl, candles and potpourri you’re done. It takes maybe 5 bucks and 5 minutes. I even make the same type of center pieces for gifts for the Holidays and that is an excellent way to save some money while personalizing a gift.

There is even food there! Don’t laugh because some of it is the same stuff you buy in the store of your choice but I get it much cheaper. I love Rice Krispy Treats and a box of 8 in a name brand store is almost $3!! I can get 24 for the same price. Now some of the food products do not appear to be name brands but if you look at the packaging they look the same. So one of the things that I do is if I see something that I might like I will write down the information or if I am not talking on my cell phone I take a picture and get online and look up the information for the company. 90% of the time it is made by a subsidiary of the band you are paying a lot for at the store you have the reward card at! Now if ONLY they would take coupons!!

So one day if you are not scared you should venture in and see what they have for you so you can find a new way to save some money.

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