How can frugal families save money?

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You've been practicing a frugal lifestyle for awhile now but you still feel there is more you can do to save money.

You know frugal families save money in a variety of different ways.

After mastering your meal planning and couponing you are ready to explore the other areas in your budget.

Well, below are a few things you can consider when taking your frugality to the next level.

4 Ways To Save Money At Home

Cut Your Cable

One quick way for many frugal families save money is to cut their cable or satellite services.

With unlimited internet usage options streaming Netflix with Roku or Amazon Fire Stick can save you upwards of $150 a month depending on your current cable or satellite plan.

That's a lot of money to keep in your wallet each month.

Drop Your Phone Contract

Were you sucked into a long and expensive phone contract? Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with emerging phone suppliers.

Places like Freedompop and Cricket allow you to use popular networks and towers without the high fees. This is another area where you can expect to save close to $100 a month depending on your current agreement.

Before you switch, determine if you are able to use your existing phone with the new carrier. If not be prepared to pay for your new phone up front.

This may seem like a huge expense up front but the savings over time will add up.

Perform Energy Audit

If you haven't done an energy audit on your home you may want to in order to save some money.

Drafty doors and windows can increase heating and cooling costs significantly.

You can also take advantage of tax credits when updating your old doors and windows. This will help offset the costs of purchasing and installing them.

Over time you will recoup your money and start to see your savings add up. Plus, you will stay a little cozier come winter.

Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower may not seem appealing but it can save you some dough.

You will save money by not having to constantly heat water and you will save by reducing your water usage.

Don't think this will make a big difference? Well, it could save you $200 a year.

Maybe this is a little drastic for you but there is another option to try.

Just lowering your thermostat on your water heater from 130 degrees to 115 degrees can keep some money in your pocket. And you won't have to suffer through a freezing cold shower.

You could also limit yourself to a 5-minute shower and save this way as well.


So if you are serious enough to take your frugal lifestyle to another level you are now armed with a few more money saving tips to implement around your house.

Don't feel as if you have to make all the changes at once. Doing one list item at a time will start the ball rolling to bigger savings.

If you try something and find it's not for you, then move on to the next item and give that a whirl.

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